Here is everything you need to know about hosting or going to a murder-mystery dinner party.  A murder mystery party requires a minimal dress up and setup and is a whole lot of fun.

For a murder-mystery dinner party you can search online for all kinds of props based upon your group size. Murder mystery parties are ideal for  adults, couples or teenagers.

Murder mystery dinner parties are great because you are going to be laughing and talking with people you don’t know . Shy and quite people usually come out of their shell because they are dressed up in character mode.

A murder mystery is a great team-building exercise for work people or just to get to have some good fun with your friends. We do recommend not having kids at the murder mystery dinner party, because you need everyone to be at the table to hear the script and the clues that happen when everyone’s talking you can also download some kits online if you buy them or you can just buy a kit for a small group of people or a large group of people there are so many variations of murder mystery dinner parties and there is no time schedule there is a script so it could last about two hours three hours but you can take a break anytime during the dinner party and just chitchat so there’s no set time schedule it’s just so fun you will be so surprised here are the leader responsibilities so for us we had one lady who wanted to host but did not want to take care of the details so we got a leader who first decided on a couple of dates and you have to know for sure that these couples are going to be there because that is what kind of kit you’re going to buy like we knew there were going to be four couples so we bought a kit for three couples and then there are two bystanders who are the leader and her husband maybe who don’t have a lot of talking parts but they are going to take control of the details in your kit you’re also going to have mailing invitations that gives each person a little background about their character so after the leader finds out who’s going to be able to be at the party she then sends the email and in the email she just copied word-for-word in an invitation of each person’s character for instance I made up my own because once you’ve done this you cannot do it again because you know who the murderer is so here is a sample email that I would have sent out if I was the leader poor Caprice wagon died three years ago and each of you is a suspect Polk’s toboggan you were her husband you are a German car dealer whose company filed for bankruptcy four years ago but came out of it just a year later costume ideas sleazy car salesman pants and shirt and huh greasy hair German accent Kim Kardashian do you see the theme now Kim Kardashian you’re dripping in jewels you can buy anything you want after your car broke down on i-10 during a hurricane you have been in the limelight ever since Hollywood loves you and a dress would be lots of jewels Autobahn is a husband football player okay he’s not ever paying for the dates that he and Kim Kardashian are going on Mini Cooper is this faithful servant who is now the heir of all of Caprice wagons billions so you can see that every character has a guilty part like each one of them could be the real murderer but you won’t find out until the night of the mystery dinner party so in the email you have the description of what each character is so everyone who is on the email list is going to see those character write-ups and they can dress up I got a cheap crown and then tarnished it with gold spray paint and I found a dress at the Goodwill store on the day of the party for $4 if I had not found that I was just gonna wear a nice dress and get a boa at Party City or at Michaels you do not need to dress up that’s what I’m trying to say so you have sent the email so that everyone sees this all of the characters and costume ideas and they also see that they need to bring something to eat the leader is responsible or the host if they want to the leader is responsible for making sure people have signed up to bring food we had appetizers and I highly suggest having lots of appetizers because you’re gonna have those out when people are coming in taking pictures and milling around and then you bring those appetizers to the dinner table and that’s where you’re gonna do like two different rounds for like an hour before you eat the actual meal so have lots of appetizers and then we had one main dish and then people brought appetizers and they brought bread wine and then we had a dessert round okay and our kid did come with place cards you can use them we did not because one was missing there’s minimal decoration involved now in our party planner book there was an entire menu what to shop for at the grocery store it was like exactly what foods to have and exactly what napkins to use we did not do any of that because it’s too high maintenance for what night we wanted to pull off everyone is milled around and we’ve moved the appetizers to the dinner table and you as the leader will have a CD and so that CD is going to introduce basically say what the emails said that there was a murder and all of you as a suspect please read your background information and stop when you see a picture of the stop sign so as the leader you pass out everyone’s booklet and they can only see they’re named like Papa Vito Marilyn Marlowe that’s who I was in the inside of the each person’s booklet it is their own background information they can only read that part and the main role is is that you cannot lie if someone accuses you have something you cannot lie but you can make people think that someone else is guilty by deflecting the truth but you have to tell the truth for what you do know okay so you’re going to read your background information that tells you some guilty things that nobody knew about but somebody does and they’re going to bring it up during the party that kind of thing the leader and her husband are going to be the minimal characters they do very little talking because they took care of the details and they’re leading the CD playing and they’re gonna say okay is everybody done reading the background information okay now we go to part one so the leader will know exactly what she’s supposed to say during each round after each person has silently read their background information then it will say now you can start round one script and this is like a three page easy short script where each person has the entire script and you’re going to read all of it word-for-word and it just sets up the mystery okay so you’ve finished with the script because everyone sees the word stop or a picture of the stop sign at the bottom of their page then the leader is instructed in her booklet to play the CD and now it is round one it’s like a 30 second CD recording that says okay now round one you have accusations that you’re supposed to accuse people of your character and then you also have responses and it tells you in your booklet who is going to accuse you and what your response is going to be like here is my example that I made up so in Kim Kardashian’s booklet her first part is accusation so sometime during this time of round one she is going to need to accuse mini-cooper of something she’s supposed to accuse her of knowing where every one of the diamonds and the Vagan mansion is point out that she is now the heir of Capri swaggins Millions did she change the paperwork then you wait for her response and so then in mini coopers booklet she has respond to Kim Kardashian whenever she accuses you of something another thing that Kim Kardashian might have is accused pulse dragon no one knows but he inherited $500,000 when his wife died three years ago bring up the convenient happening of his company filing for bankruptcy a year before she died and then coming out of bankruptcy the year she died and then on Kim Kardashian’s page it has response so she knows that pokes toboggan is going to accuse her of something and this is what her response is going to be it’s true that that is my real name it was a little embarrassing I was in shock that my dad was the captain of that Exxon Valdez so leak I do not have ties to him any longer and there never was a cover-up I share my hard-earned money with my current boyfriend Otto bond now this is where during the accusing and the responding round one is this is where everyone can ad-lib they’re going to really ham it up but if you were holding pokes waggons little booklet his page says accusation accused Kim Kardashian of her false identity so he might say oh Kim Kardashian you and that is not German whatsoever um you think say you’re you are you really Kim Kardashian it’s not German at all okay so you’re accusing her you’re getting into the moment you accuse her that her father was really the captain of the ship Valdez all that leaked oil everywhere so your guests are going to understand when they see their little booklet of accusations and responding they’re going to understand what to do it’s so easy and you as the leader are going to have that in your character booklet of the accusations and responding and this is what we do we just start and it kind of goes as long as people want it to go they can keep digging keep bringing up that Kim Kardashian is not her real name that kind of thing it is so much fun when we were done with the background silent reading and the first word-for-word script and then round one of accusation and responses we just stopped for dinner and we just chitchat it like we didn’t do party mode or anything anything from the script at all we just ate and enjoyed each other’s company and then we picked it up for round two in round three and then had dessert somewhere in there and at the end then it’s going to say okay now the the leader is going to say okay this is the last round and that’s when the leaders booklet says okay in this round to say that now is the time when you are going to point to someone who you think is guilty and tell them why and then that person who is the murderer only finds out that he or she is the murderer on that last page of round three and so she or he is still trying to deflect blame and then the leader would finally say okay that person is the culprit this is such a good way to get to know your friends and your enemies and to bring people out of their shells and just it is so much fun