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MurersRUs have been entertaining our clients with professionally run Murder Mystery Events for more than a decade.

Every single Murder Mystery Dinner or Themed Event has been a resounding success and the ongoing demand has led us to consider all options to meet the demand and grow our business. We are now offering facilitated Murder Mystery Events and numerous Cities and Counties around the world through our partner network of approved Facilitators. In addition, we are now offering DIY Murder Mystery Kits (including scripts, instructions, invitations, video introductions and a whole lot more) available as an instant download.

So what’s the fuss all about? Why are our Murder Mystery Games so much in demand and why do our clients keep coming back?

100% Fun Guranteed

Murder Mystery Themes

You are so much better off allowing your guests to mingle… and plot… and scheme… and more. We have spent over a decade refining our system so that you can easily run the game with no hassles.

Variety At Its Finest

All characters have plenty of humor written into their profile. The fun starts as soon as your guests receive their character. Characters are easy to take on because they have a list of simple things (which we call quirks) that they can do to play the character. Everyone can be instantly and constantly involved in the game because you have a list of natural actions that the character takes.  All characters have an identifying quote that they can use if they ever get stuck. In a pinch, you can fall back on something that sums up your character and adds to the game. It makes it easy to be completely caught up in the game.  Everyone can immediately achieve something. Once they’re hooked and having fun, you can easily keep your guests hooked with harder and harder challenges. It’s all in there already!


Most outstanding one-of-a-kind do it yourself murder mystery party game kit!


Fully comprehensive Step-by-Step Guide along with a multitude of other refinements and innovations.

Custom Made

Plunge your guests into a fascinating world of challenge and reward, intrigue and laughter.


Incredible Fun

Put simply… everything has been designed with the host and the guests in mind. The characters are written to instantly trigger your guests’ imagination and launch them into a web of adventure. Many years of development has resulted in the easiest-to-use, fun, engaging, engrossing murder mystery party game system for 12 to 50 people ever devised! This is best illustrated by the thought put into something as simple as the character sheet layout. Most murder mystery party games have characters that are just huge blocks of text and are tough to read.

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Straight From the Farm

We Believe in Quality

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Unique Characters

Everyone has their own unique character and is involved all the time! So, everyone can have loads of fun! Having everyone involved all the time is great on its own but the unreal part is that this sets the scene for the action to literally explode. WARNING! : The action can get pretty intense so be prepared! 

Different Plots

There is a multitude of plots ensuring that the game continues to play well under almost any circumstances. The game is robust! This is what keeps everyone involved and excited. There is so much sensational stuff going on that you and your guests will be seriously hooked!

Detailed Sheet

Everyone has a detailed character sheet to guide them. Once the excitement starts to snowball you will need a roadmap. The bottom line is you are the center of your own amazing adventure. This is the magic formula! Keep reading to see why this is so important!

Character Importance

Every character is important and is woven into many plots. This is your insurance policy to guarantee that the party game always works! Imagine 20 people holding you up in the air. If one let’s go you have 19 still holding you. So, if someone can’t make it you are still certain to have an amazing party!

One Character, One Person

No character will be played by more than one person. Many other kits require that some characters are played by more than one person. I have heard a lot of reasons trying to justify this and none of them were good enough for me. Why would you compromise on this?

It’s the Best Icebreaker Ever because the game involves everyone all the time!

  • All characters know something about ALL the other characters in the game. This is an ingenious way to make sure that the ice is broken quickly and early.
  • Every character has clear Aims & Objectives. The first ones are incredibly simple but make it a cinch to get into character.
  • The character sheets are written to lure your guests in a web of intrigue perhaps even against their will. Everyone will get caught up and carried away with all our party themes.
  • The energy level is so high that people end up exhausted at the end. There aren’t many activities that are so amazing that you end up exhausted. Can you think of any? It’s certainly a good theme for a party!
  • It is a truly astonishing icebreaker. It is so engaging that guests can’t help but get to know one another but the powerful thing is your guests will have a whole swathe of in-jokes that are unique to them! The next time your guests see each other they will be talking about your party!
  • Your friends get to cut loose and do whatever fun, surprising, amazing things their character would want. The game itself is a ‘social lubricant that works brilliantly with or without alcohol.

The best way to describe our games is they are FUN, FUN, FUN!!! Your friends or colleagues will be caught in a web of adventure impossible to resist!

  • Every character has an equal chance of winning the game through a clearly defined scoring system. Nothing focuses a group like competition. This skyrockets the anticipation felt by your guests before the game and during the game it balloons into an unparalleled frenzy. Put simply it’s truly exciting!
  • The murderer knows who they are and actively tries to thwart attempts at uncovering his/her identity. It’s far more engrossing knowing that the murderer is actively trying to elude capture … especially if you are the murderer!
  • All characters have a chance of dying during the game.  This ensures a sense of tremendous adventure. As Winston Churchill once said, “nothing is so exhilarating as to be shot at without result.”
  • All characters have clear Aims and Objectives that start with easily achievable items and progress up to difficult challenges. This guarantees that the game starts easily and just keeps on keeping on.
  • All characters receive clues/hints throughout the game.  This delivers fresh opportunities into the game and startling revelations that expose secrets and ratchet up the excitement.

The character sheets are intuitive and easy to follow…

  1. In the first two lines, they immediately know how others see them and how they see themselves. They have an Identifying Quote to not only sum themselves up but to give them a revealing insight into the character they are playing. What's more this gives you something to say from the very beginning.
  2. Next, your guest reads their colorful background which is often a satire of the way the character thinks. At this point, your guests’ imagination will be firing about what mischief they could get up to during the game.
  3. Next is a list of Quirks that your guests can use to quickly get into character. These are often quite funny and make the character that much more familiar to your guest.
  4. The Objectives are listed next and start out with goals that are incredibly simple and make it a cinch to get into character.

The character sheets are intuitive and easy to follow…

  1. The Objectives progress to become more and more challenging and the last Objectives are enormous. This shows people that they can easily achieve something and inspires your guests to really go for it with the larger Objectives.
  2. Of course, there are costume suggestions. They are kept very basic so that those among your guests who aren’t too keen on costumes can easily do what's required. The basic suggestions serve as a springboard for those who love costumes. The costuming suggestions are also listed on the outside of the character envelope. All this is achieved within the first few minutes of your guests receiving their character sheet. It sets the stage for intense interaction, fun, laughter, and excitement between your guests during the game.
  3. Individual characters are sealed in envelopes by you beforehand which means the fun and intrigue begins well before the party with the receipt of your guests secret and fully detailed profiles.


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